Amazon raises Prime membership price to $99 per year

The boom in streaming services has motivated the E-Commerce giant Amazon to get into the game and put together their answer to Netflix and, to a lesser extent, Hulu. While the initial idea seemed a bit tacky, Amazon has actually turned their streaming service Amazon Prime into one of the best services you can buy. It also came at a significant disc out, as students could sign up to access the immense library of television shows and movies for just $39 while everyone else had to pay just $79.

Amazon has ended that era, as the company announced a raise in the price of Amazon Prime from $79 to $99 per year. The move means that a difference of roughly $2 is being taken from subscribers as the service has gone from costing just over $6 a month to near $9 per month.

The company was rather mum on the motivations for increasing the price, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Amazon is valuing the free two-day shipping bonus that comes with a Prime subscription over what Netflix provides in addition to it’s streaming subscription — which is nothing at all.

Increasing the price also could mean a play at bigger titles and better pacts like the ones Netflix has struck in exclusive deals with Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm.


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