'The Challenge' Season 25 Cast Revealed Plus Major Twists to Game

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ is the perfect sporting event to tide viewers over during the NFL off-season. It has the same action and suspense of a regular season game, but with the added bonus of the cheerleaders actually competing against the men. The upcoming season of “The Challenge” is the 25th season of the show. The show might be old enough to rent a car, but the producers know that shaking things up always draws in viewers.

Buzzfeed broke the news that the upcoming season, titled “The Challenge: Free Agents”, will be unlike any Challenge we’ve seen before. Here’s how Buzzfeed breaks down the new changes to the show.

The Challenge: Free Agents kicks off on April 10 with 28 MTV alumni fighting solo for more than $350,000 in prize money. And, also unlike previous seasons, Season 25 will see a random draw select one male contestant and one female contestant to head into the elimination round against contestants chosen by that week’s winners.

So not only with the show do away with the team concept, but it adds a surprise per week by having contestants drawn at random to face elimination. It is a great way to induce even more paranoia into the cast. Here’s the trailer for season 25 of “The Challenge”.

The complete cast of characters appearing this season on “The Challenge”. As usual the early money is on CT, Johnny Bananas, and Laurel.

CT — Real World: Paris (2003)
Swift — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Dustin — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Johnny Bananas — The Real World: Key West (2006)
Leroy — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Frank — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Isaac — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Zach — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Cohutta — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Johnny — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Jordan — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Chet — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Preston — The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Brandon — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

Jemmye — The Real Wold: New Orleans (2010)
Laurel — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Devyn — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Cara Maria — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Nia — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Nany — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
LaToya — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Emilee — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Jessica — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Aneesa — The Real World: Chicago (2002)
Camila — Spring Break Challenge (2010)
Jasmine — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Theresa — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Jonna — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

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