The Walking Dead: Alone Recap

The Walking Dead needs a change of pace because it’s starting to lose what made it so good for so long. On Sunday’s episode we once again are following only a few pairs of the main group through troubling times. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are together attempting to fend off Walkers in a thick fog, while Daryl and Beth are still bonding as they figure out the next move.

As much as I love the show, it has become boring as of late. Up until this point the entire series has made sense and has been great. However, now that we got past the Governor aspect the last few episodes have not done anything to advance the show. Lets hope that this Terminus turns out to be something good for the show and makes it exciting once again.

This episode actually had some good moments in it and now it seems everyone is on the right track towards the ultimate destination of Terminus. Sasha and Bob are really following Maggie in her quest to find Glenn. Sasha is hesitant to follow along to Terminus and it takes a lot of convincing to make her carry on with them. Eventually Maggie goes on without them because she believes Glenn is still alive and most likely heading towards Terminus.

On the other side of things we have Daryl teaching Beth how to use his favorite weapon the cross bow. After the whole lets find booze and burn down a house, they are now trying to stay in a funeral home for the time being. In the funeral home not only do they find pretty much untouched food but apparently someone is playing funeral makeover with Walkers. After that creepy revelation Daryl and Beth still think the best move is to set up alert systems outside and stay overnight.

They end the night with Beth playing piano and Daryl taking a hopeful abrupt snooze in a coffin. Just as Daryl has restored faith in humanity the alarm goes off. When Daryl opens the door he is greeted by a very large group of Walkers who push through the door. Daryl tells Beth while he is fighting them off to just leave and meet him by the street. Since Daryl is now an expert at taking down hoards of Walkers by himself lets not worry about that. Daryl rushes to the street only to find Beth’s backpack on the ground and a car speeding off with Beth apparently inside.

Back to the on going find Glenn situation, after Maggie takes off Sasha tries pushing Bob back to her side and just find a tall building and make camp. Bob decides to try to catch up with Maggie and parts ways with Sasha. As Sasha is ready to set up her own personal camp, she spots Maggie outside and of course makes a loud enough racket by accidentally breaking a window disturbing every Walker in the area. What better way to bond with two conflicting characters than smashing some Walkers together. They both decide Terminus is the best way and soon are trying to catch up with Bob.

The best part of the episode was watching Daryl chase the assumed Beth kidnappers car down the street all night and day until collapsing in the middle of the street. After all that bonding and restored faith in humanity the two worst things happen to him. Beth gets taken and he runs into the deranged group that Rick had previously played hide and seek with. This group reminds you an awful lot of Meryl who we know was a bad influence on Daryl. This can not be good.

The series is getting dry and I think the need for an end game story is necessary in the immediate future. The story is getting boring and the question is where do we go from here. The answer absolutely lies in the Abraham Washington D.C. travel quest. In order to make this show continue to grow, they need to build a solid end game story. These characters can’t walk around forever going place to place. Figure it out.

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