Hidden Gem of Hulu: 'The Wrong Mans'

On this week’s edition of “Hidden Gem” – the one-stop shop for cord-cutters who are looking to branch out in their viewing choices – we take a look at Hulu’s “The Wrong Mans,” a darkly comedic series where two unlikely, every day, heroes fall into a web of mistaken identity and criminal conspiracy.

Danger Called, They Happened to Answer.

The show begins with Sam, a recently heart-broken office worker, waking up on a snowy morning, after an out of control party at his place the night before.  On his stroll to work, he is greeted by a careening vehicle that spins out, and wrecks in front of him.  After fainting, and being awakened and questioned by police, Sam finds a ringing mobile phone on the side of the road – which obviously must have been missed at the crash site.  He picks it up, only to hear: “If you are not here by 5’oclock, we will kill your wife.”

The rest of the show unravels as Sam (Mathew Baynton) and his slightly eccentric co-worker, Phil (James Corden), attempt to return the phone to its rightful owner and get to the bottom of the situation – in a plot filled with espionage, conspiracy, underground bosses, and yes, pure comedic gold.  This six-episode series tackles the concept of if an “average man” (or mans) were to become entangled in a day of the life of Jack Bauer – except coupled with an “out of depth” sense of panic, and series of amateur missteps.  The show’s cinematography and crime-ridden storyline give it a very noir-like feeling, padded by farcical bits of humor.

A Darkly Comedic Caper.

The humor in “Wrong Mans” almost captures the comedic aspects of duality seen in typical a “buddy cop” show (straight man, eccentric partner) – except the two main characters aren’t cops, and not necessarily buddies.  However, no two actors can play these parts better than the straight-laced Baynton and loveable goofball Corden.

As the series goes on, our two clueless heroes begin to adapt to a situation that quickly snowballs out of control.  The duo seemingly resemble the winning combination of a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but it’s never intentionally derived.  With just six 30-minute episodes, one can easily binge the entire series in one sitting, as it amounts only to the length of time as a long film.

In regards to the grammatically incorrect title, Corden explained in an interview that it is “to let you know it’s a comedy show. If it was a drama, it’d be called The Wrong Man.”

A second series is the works, and will most likely hit Hulu upon release.

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“Wrong Mans” is perfect for fans of “24,” “Sherlock,” “Lost,” “Doctor Who,” “Breaking Bad,” and even fans of the Cohen brother’s film “Burn after Reading.”

How did you like “Wrong Mans?” Let me know below, and be sure to check back every Friday for another edition of “Hidden Gem.”

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