American Horror Story season 4 to be set at a carnival

The final season of the hit FX series American Horror Story is going to be upon us in no time, and it appears we finally know what the setting for the season will be. After a lot of rumors being kicked around as to when and where the season will be set, writer Douglas Petrie offered up confirmation on a recent television writers panel he was on.

When asked about the new season, Petrie initially waves the question off, but later circles back when asked if the rumors about the season being set at a carnival were true.

Turns out they were. Per The A.V. Club:

American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirmed the setting of the series’ fourth season: a presumably very spooky carnival. (All you fans guessing “Hell Circus” weren’t far off!) Petrie was a guest on the podcast Nerdist Writers Panel, moderated by Ben Blacker, which was recorded February 16 and released just a few days ago. Petrie was on the panel with a few other television writers, and he starts talking about the fourth season by saying, “I can’t say anything.” But when Moira Kirland, a writer on Arrow and Castle, offers that she heard a rumor about the season, Petrie confirms it.

The entire panel was made into a podcast, and aside from the major revelation about American Horror Story, it’s a pretty interesting listen. But, of course, the meat of the podcast is the confirmation by Petrie that the final season will be at a carnival.


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