The Walking Dead: The Grove Recap

There is only one thing to say about last nights episode of The Walking Dead. Simply put it was horrifying. Not in the way that was scary but in a way where some very rough scenes unfolded that left everyone watching shocked. This is a game changing episode that leaves us questioning if they actually went too far.

It all started when we realized Lizzie does not look at Walkers as others do. Carol has the best way of putting it when she told Tyreese “She doesn’t see what they are.” Also Mika may be worse because she seems to not want to kill at all, even though sometimes it’s necessary to survive. Tyreese, Carol, baby Judith, Lizzie, and Mika are traveling to Terminus when they need to stop and find supplies. They find everything needed at a nice little home where they think can make a great place to live and survive for some time.

Everything suggests that they plan on living there for some time until the revelation that Lizzie has some very psychopathic thoughts going on in her head. First, she starts playing tag with a Walker just outside of the house. Carol saw this and ran outside to kill it, during which Lizzie was screaming that she killed her friend. Next, she runs off to the train tracks to feed a zombie a live rat while Mika is watching. If you have watched previous episodes you would know that someone was feeding rats and other small animals to Walkers at the prison. She tries to prove that they are just misunderstood by putting her hand in a Walkers mouth, just at that moment a group of burned Walkers come to the tracks. These are just the first two incidents where Lizzie is showing her crazy side of not understanding how to accept the world they live in.

The real shock came when Tyreese and Carol returned from a supply run to find Mika dead and Lizzie holding a bloody knife. She had killed her sister and may have been going for baby Judith next to prove that they can come back to life. Carol convinced Lizzie to put down her weapons and told her that she wouldn’t stab Mika but rather tie her up instead. Next Carol and Tyreese are discussing what they should do with Lizzie and come to agree that they can’t live under the same roof with baby Judith because theres no telling what she will do next. It becomes apparent that she can’t be around people at all and the decision has been made that they need to end her life.

Carol takes Lizzie on a little walk to talk to her about what she has done, but we all have the feeling that this will be the last time anyone sees her. Carol utters the words “look at the flowers,” and pulls the trigger ending Lizzie’s life. The episode ends with Carol confessing to Tyreese that she was the one who killed Karen and David. We have no idea how Tyreese will react but says that he will never forget but forgives her because he knows Carol feels the pain of her actions. Both leave this home behind and start there long walk to Terminus.

Overall, it was a very shocking turn of events and the intensity makes up for the previous boring episodes of the show. Questions do remain about the series. Will the groups ever find the mysterious Terminus? We hope to find out soon about the fate of Beth and if Daryl gets along with his new pals. I don’t have faith in this Terminus sanctuary. Will it live up to the expectations of the groups or will this not be a safe haven?

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