'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' Season 15 Episode 18: Alec Baldwin Guest Stars

“Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” has been uneven at best this seaso. Last week’s Detective Rollins goes gambling episode was just an excuse for Donal Logue to break out his different accents. However the show still has the respect and name recognition to draw some of the biggest guest stars on TV. This week’s episode, titled “Criminal Stories”, features Alec Baldwin in his return to network TV. Alec Baldwin on SVU immediately makes this a must watch show for Wednesday. Maybe having Mariska Hargitay in her directing debut made Baldwin interested in being apart of the show.

Here’s the NBC synopsis of tonight’s episode.

In Mariska Hargitay’s directorial debut, an all-access reporter (Baldwin) jeopardizes a high-profile hate crime.

The bigger the guest star on a “Law and Order” the higher chance that person is the bad guy. Baldwin jeopardizes a hate crime case tonight. That means it could be possible Baldwin hired the guys to commit the hate crime so he could cover it for the newspapers. Things like that tend to happen when an A-list actor pops up on “Law and Order”. The promo doesn’t give much away except for the multitude of Alec Baldwin images. He’s rocking a great New York accent for the role.

Date: Wednesday, March 19th
Episode Title: Criminal Stories
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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