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Late Night With Seth Meyers Brings New Yorker Cartoons to Life

The New Yorker has been in publication since 1925 and ever since the publication has been very well known for their cartoons. Nowhere in the 89 year history of The New York have the cartoons been brought to life quite the way they were on Tuesday night’s edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Meyers had New Yorker editor David Remnick on to talk about the whole Russia – Crimea – Ukraine situation, but also had him help debut the ‘Late Night Players’ in their sketch encompassing the well-known New Yorker cartoons in a performance entitled ‘Live New Yorker Cartoons: An Exploration of Love, Death and People on Desert Islands’.

What really makes the sketch is the commentary provided by David Remnick after the maybe five second performance per cartoon. The matter of fact style is perfect for the sketch and gives us an inside look at the man who choses each and every New Yorker cartoon.

If you only can watch one sketch, go to the2:44 mark and watch the sketch based off of the cartoon based off Where’s Waldo?.

Meyers described the Late Night Players as ‘our theatre troupe in residence’, so I would assume that we will see the Late Night Players again in more sketches that are intentionally pretty weird like the one they performed on Tuesday night.

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