'Hannibal' Season 2 Episode 4 on NBC: Preview

After two edge of your seat episodes to kick off season 2, the third episode of NBC’s “Hannibal” slowed down the action a bit to focus on the trial of Will Graham. Right when it seems Will is about to be convicted for the murders attributed to the “Chesapeake Ripper” aka Dr. Hannibal Lector, a gift arrives in the form of a severed ear. The ear’s arrival calls into question Will’s guilt in the murders. It’s a gift from the real killer.

We saw during the first season that Hannibal is very proud of his work. When guest star Eddie Izzard tried to claim responsibility for the ripper murders he was quickly discredited by Hannibal. Lector walks a tight line between being caught and wanting the attention from his exploits. We know from the Lector story, and the opening bloody fight with Jack Crawford that the noose is tightening around Hannibal. Tonight Will tries to get Beverly to help him investigate the possibility that Hannibal is the real Chesapeake Ripper. If Beverly gets too deep then it could be time for Hannibal to break out his Rubber Suit by Armani.

Here’s the NBC synopsis of tonight’s episode.

Will agrees to work with Dr. Chilton to regain his memories, then implores Beverly to investigate Hannibal.

Here’s the definition of tonight’s episode title “Takiawase”. Could Beverly be headed for a light simmering?

Takiawase (煮合?): vegetables served with meat, fish or tofu; the ingredients are simmered separately.

Date: Friday, March 21st
Episode Title: Takiawase
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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