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Mad Men Final Season: New teaser charts the beginning of the end (Video)

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The final season of the hit AMC series Mad Men is about ti kick off in April, and as extended a final season as it may be, next month marks the beginning of the end for Dom Draper and the rest of the sniveling characters we’ve come to know over the years.

The beginning of the end is charted in a new trailer that has been released via the blog ScreenCrush, as we get to see our first look at actual footage from the final season of the show and where character may be headed.

Here’s a look at the trailer full of footage from the final season thanks to ScreenCrush:

The final season kicks off at the beginning of April but the final episode won’t air until 2015, as the final season is being split into two halves. Much like sibling series Breaking Bad, AMC has broken Mad Men into two 8-episode half seasons to ensure the longevity of the final season and to ensure the writers have the time to send the show off right.

It’s a strategy that worked very well for Breaking Bad and fans of Mad Men can only hope it pays off just as well for AMC’s other iconic show.

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