Recap of The Walking Dead: 'Us'

After last week’s heart breaking episode of “The Walking Dead” it was great to see a shining light of hope. We find our survivors still heading to Terminus for hopes of “sanctuary for all.”

Carl and Michonne are playing a game on the tracks. They see who can balance on the rails the longest. For once we see a smile from Rick who tells them it might be a better to play later, but seems in a good mood. Carl defeats Michonne and wins a Big Cat candy bar.

Daryl is still having difficulty getting along with his new crew and gets into it with one member named Len. The argument starts when Len claimed Daryl’s rabbit kill, not knowing the rules Daryl was very defiant until the leader Joe cuts the kill in half. The rules include If you want something you say “claimed” and it’s yours, don’t ever lie, and if you steal something you get killed. The punishment is pretty simple, you get a beating that may leave you not breathing much longer.

That day the savages find a nice spot to crash for the night, everything is claimed and Daryl sleeps on the floor. Upon awakening Len is having a fit blaming Daryl that he stole the other half of the rabbit. Leader Joe gets involved and questions both men, it turns out Len put the rabbit in his bag to frame Daryl. Joe knows this and the rest of his crew gives Len a deadly beating. A bit later they are all back on the tracks heading for Terminus, when the camera pans across the Big Cat candy wrapper Carl was eating earlier. These savages are hot on the heels of Rick and plan on doing some damage, even though Daryl doesn’t know.

We see Glenn coming to one of the bloody signs Maggie made for him and he takes off running as fast as he can, come on like he’s going to find her that quickly. The rest of the group is tired out and wants to rest but Glenn convinces them to keep going by offering his riot gear to Eugene. If they escort him as far as they can go then they can part ways. They come up to a long dark railroad tunnel, Abraham is not confident enough to get Eugene through that tunnel so he offers two cans of food and a flashlight to Glenn as he will be going straight through.

Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita find a vehicle and through some sneaky maneuvers by Eugene they end up on the other side of the tunnel. As an argument erupts Eugene apparently spots Maggie, Bob, and Sasha.

With Tara following, Glenn makes his way through the tunnel until they reach an apparent tunnel collapse with Walkers piled up underneath. Another hoard of Walkers wait behind the collapse. In order to get through, Glenn distracts them on one side with the flashlight and they both sneak by on the opposite end. Of course Tara gets her foot caught between some rubble and the Walkers catch notice. He refuses to leave her and starts firing until he runs out of bullets.

Just then car headlights illuminate the tunnel and bullets fly. Guess who, it’s Maggie along with Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Bob, and Sasha. It’s a sweet reunion and one that really made you happy but will it be short lived? During the night they all agree they should go to Terminus and see what they have to offer. They end up at Terminus and reluctantly head inside where they meet a woman named Mary. She politely introduces herself and says “I’m Mary. Let’s get you settled and make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus.” Something gives me a very uneasy feeling about this.

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