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AMC developing late night talk show for Kevin Smith

Back in the early to late 90s, there were few filmmakers more interesting than Kevin Smith. While he wasn’t an Academy Award winning talent, he helped spawn the careers of some who ended up being int heat group as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are very much associated with the early Smith years.

But ever since 1999’s Dogma, Smith has only had mild success, with his biggest hit being 2006’s Clerks II. But the medium of Podcasting has given a guy made famous for ‘talky’ movies a brand new career, and AMC is rewarding him with a brand new show.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

AMC is exploring a late-night project with Smith and longtime friend and collaborator Ralph Garman. The duo’s live podcast,Hollywood Babble-On, will film a pilot this spring with a weekly series in mind.

Smith also later confirmed the news via his always active Twitter account.


The network has already warmed to the surprise hit series Comic Book Men, which chronicles the day and night in the life of Red Bank comic book shop owners and life long friends of Smith’s Walt Anderson, Brian Johnson and Ming Chen.

While the new show likely won’t be filmed in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the shows will likely be very much related, and AMC is clearly jumping on the Kevin Smith train that has found new steam.

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