American Horror Story Season 4: Glee star Lea Michele to join cast?

This week we got some big news regarding the upcoming season of American Horror Story and it’s both news that fans wanted to hear and a little that might frighten them. As far as the good stuff, we learned that the season will run with the title American Horror Story: Freak Show and that we can expect some major cast member back yet again.

In the not so exciting for fans department, there is the rumor circulating that Glee star Lea Michele may be landing a role on the show. It makes sense for series creator Ryan Murphy, as he is the brains behind both American Horror Story as well as Glee, but fans of the FX series may not be so on board with the idea of adding the star.

As for Michele’s excitement, she’s all for joining the series.

Per ScreenRant:

“I know what the theme is for next year, and I’m in. So, if he’ll have me… at least, maybe for one episode. [...] Let’s start that campaign.”

As fans have pointed out, the casting of Lea Michele would be inspired to say the least, but so too was the casting choices we’ve seen over previous seasons.

Zachary Quinto changed our minds about him by appearing in Season 2, while we can’t ignore how enthralling Emma Roberts was in the most recent season of the show.

Michele isn’t a ock to be casted and she may not even get a big role if she is, but let’s not judge before we see the show as Murphy has proven he has a knack for brilliant casting.

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