'Flipping Out' Season 7 Episode 4 on Bravo: Preview

Thanks to the downturn of 2008 we all lost the enjoyment of watching Jeff Lewis flip houses. Jeff transitioned into full time interior design. The show was now without from the drama of Jeff’s work and need to rely on the crazy personalities of his clients. Tonight’s all new episode, titled “Back Flipping” appears to be Jeff’s return to the high risk game of flipping homes. It’s a welcome return for the show, especially with Jenni about to disappear for maternity leave. Jeff’s always better under pressure and deadlines.

Here’s the Bravo preview of Jeff’s return to flipping.

As project delays drag on, Jeffbecomes increasingly frustrated. An indecisive new client adds to Jeff’s aggravation, ultimately leading him to decide that he wants to sell Gramercy and go back into the flipping business where he has control over his own projects. Meanwhile, Jeff and his team introduce his new paint line to the public at Dwell on Design, a huge trade show in Los Angeles.

Jeff claims he wants to project professionalism, but yet he’s allowing office clown Andrew to wear a paint can costume at the trade show. That feels more like a producer decision than a business one. Either way we all get treated to Andrew dressed up like a can of paint. He’s Rip Taylor for a new generation.

Date: Wednesday, March 26th
Episode Title: Back Flipping
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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