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Dan Harmon hints that Community movie could happen soon

The trajectory of the cult hit series Community has been an interesting one to watch as while the show continues to fly under the radar and hardly feels like an NBC comedy, the series has been on the air for five seasons and has survived cancellation numerous times despite hardships.

One of the reasons the show is still on the air, much like the reason FOX brought back Family Guy and Netflix revived Arrested Development is because of the fiercely loyal fan base and the talented group of actors committed to the series and it’s success.

Series creator Dan Harmon was on a panel with the cast recently at Paleyfest and not only bluntly talked about the show’s struggles, but noted that a film could very well happen as a means of introducing a new audience to the show.

Per Variety:

“Our TV show’s not that popular,” he said. “If we make a movie, we really have to reinvent the wheel in terms of why someone would watch a movie. My ultimate goal would be for people to watch the movie and to say, ‘I’m one of the 249 billion Americans that have never heard of this show, but holy crap, this movie is crazy and really funny and awesome.’”

There is growing belief that NBC will give the series a sixth season and movie rumors have begun to pick up steam in the wake of other shows like Veronica Mars and Entourage making the leap to the big screen. A Community movie is far from guaranteed, but it’s clear the show has a following that would see it and the incentive to maximize the audience of the show is certainly present.

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