'Hannibal' Season 2 Episode 5 'Mukozuke': Preview

On one hand you have to feel bad for Dr. Beverly Katz, the crime scene investigator convinced by Will Graham to look deeper into the possibility of Hannibal Lector being the Chesapeake Ripper. She had no idea what she was stepping into when she broke into Hannibal’s home looking for evidence. After finding pieces of human remains stored in Dr. Lector’s fridge Dr. Katz should have called Jack Crawford and headed for the hills. Instead she found a hidden trap door in the floor of his kitchen, and then followed the trail down to Hannibal’s secret room of horrors.

That is where the sympathy ends for Dr. Katz. You never walk into a dark serial killer’s lair without backup. However it led to one of the best moments of the episode. Dr. Katz is surverying the scene in the secret basement when Hannibal appears behind her. He’s standing ram rod straight without a hint of worry. Beverly raises her gun at him, but we all know that’s a bad idea.

We’ve praised Mads Mikkelsen’s version of Hannibal Lector before, but that last moment of the episode was another example of how scary he’s become in this classic role. The moment when Hannibal went from concrete statue to speedy panther was truly frightening. He’s a predator of the highest order, and shows no fear even when confronted in his own home. While I enjoyed Beverly on the show, we all know from the Hannibal mythology that this isn’t the moment he will be brought to justice. Her disappearance will no doubt harden Will’s resolve to prove that Hannibal is the true monster of the show.

Tonight’s new episode is titled “Mukozuke”, and finds Will Graham employing a dangerous character to help him deal with Hannibal. Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s episode from NBC.

Spurred on by Dr. Gideon (Eddie Izzard), Will plots to destroy Hannibal with the help of Freddie Lounds.

The promo for the episode reveals that the man who killed the bailiff and Will’s trial judge isn’t Hannibal at all, but an insane orderly. Will’s plan to destroy Hannibal involves using the murderous orderly to take down Hannibal. Good luck with that.

I’ve said it before, but it’s criminal that NBC airs “Hannibal” Friday’s at 10pm. The show’s production design deserves all the awards we have as a culture. The visions created out of thin air each week could hang on the wall of a modern art gallery. Every week is a new nightmare.

According to Wikipedia here is the definition of Mukozuke

Mukōzuke (向付?): a sliced dish of seasonal sashimi.

Date: Thursday, March 27th
Episode Title: Make Time For Love And Betting On Change
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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