Morgan Spurlock series Seven Deadly Sins gets series order from Showtime

Morgan Spurlock is back in business with another docu-series that explores the strangest of the strange apects of the world we live in. The man made famous by stuffing his face with McDonald’s hamburgers is back with a series titled Seven Deadly Sins, which has been picked up for a series order by Showtime.

Per Variety:

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock’s “Seven Deadly Sins,” which offers an in-depth look at the weird and darkly comic world of sin, has received a series order from Showtime.

The series will apparently follow Spurlock as he travels around the world exploring the comedic side of sin, a topic that touches everyone differently. That’s exactly what we’re going to learn in the new series and it’s exactly what Spulock has time and time again proved he’s a master at capturing.

He’s had television series in the past, as his mildly successful series 30 Days aired on FX and thrust Spurlock into the shoes of various average people in not so average situations for 30 whole days. He also created and hosted a docu-series for CNN called Inside Man, and will now be adding Seven Deadly Sins to his resume of television experience.

There’s hope that the series will stick, as Spurlock definitely has a unique style and subject matter seems to be something that will both be entertaining as well as strangely informative.

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