The Walking Dead: Michonne goes Samurai on some walkers (GIF)


Michonne is clearly the female version of Daryl, as she’s hardened by her past and she can be a bit of a loner. Oh yeah, and she’s a complete and total badass who can cut down walkers like she’s picking berries in Rick’s now forgotten garden.

Right off the bat in tonight’s season finale, we saw Michonne go bananas on some walkers, per usual, as the samurai in her came out with a bloody vengeance. Rick kicked thing off with a gun punch to the head of a walker, but Michonne clearly won the ‘who can kill a walker cleaner’ contest with ease.


Killing walkers is second nature to Michonne at this point, but there’s a darkness behind her motives. We’ve learned more and more about where she’s come form this season and that darkness within her is reflected in her brutality towards walkers.

Her relationship with Carl and Rick is starting to curb that darkness and bring light to it, but that might actually be a detriment to the group’s safety and well being.

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