The Walking Dead: Random glasses guy gets his eyeballs eaten (GIF)


Things were intense on the season finale episode of The Walking Dead and the bloody action started out right away in random fashion. After meeting up with Rick, Carl and Michonne, we were greeted with our first human death of the finale and one of the only few as some random guy in a field was eaten alive by a hoard of walkers.

This little event did a few different things, as it showed us that Carl is still young and dumb enough to go running off and risk his life to save a random person, but it also showed us that walkers like to rip out eyeballs.


The bigger thing to take away from this though was that Carl ran off and disobeyed Rick once again, and it would have led to him being killed had Rick not stopped him from intervening in this guy’s grizzly death.

Carl survived the season finale, but let’s hope he grew from this and doesn’t go running off too far again.

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