The Walking Dead: Rick gets excessive while killing a gang member (GIF)


Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was not only the season four finale but it was one of the most intense episodes we’ve seen in a long time. That’s saying a lot given how intense some of the episodes’s we’ve seen have been but things went to another level thanks to Rick getting his mojo back in a bloody way.

After being encountered by Joe’s gang in the middl of the woods, Rick comes roaring back in terms of his psyche and the hero gene kicks into overdrive — literally.

After ripping our Joe’s throat with his teeth, Rick takes care of the final surviving member of the gang in brutal fashion, stabbing in the head maybe a few more times than was needed.


He may or may not have been dead after the first stab and there may or may not have been a need for the other batch of stabs, but Rick got the job done and his mojo was officially back.

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