Josh Elliott Leaves ABC's Good Morning America for NBC

Just how excited is everyone over at NBC about the recent news that Josh Elliott, the heir apparent at “Good Morning America”, is leaving the ABC morning show for an opportunity at the peacock network? This tweet from Al Roker says it all.

NBC is giddy over pilfering one of ABC’s top talents. Elliott was a key component in the recipe of “Good Morning America”. He’s the “hunk” of the show, though I’m sure George Stephanopoulos rates well among Greek women 55+. While he has a non-complete clause in his contract that will keep him from appearing on “Today” for six months, most anaylsts think its only a matter of time before he joins the “Today” couch.

Here’s CNN’s Brian Stelter on why he thinks this is a smart move for Elliott and NBC.

Elliott’s arrival will stoke speculation that NBC sees him as a younger version of sportscaster Bob Costas, who is famous for his decades of Olympics coverage. The chairman of NBC Sports, Mark Lazarus, told Sports Illustrated last month, “We said after Sochi we would start to think about what life after Bob might be, whether post-Rio, post-Pyeongchang, post-Tokyo, whenever he does not want to do it anymore.”

It is a shock that GMA would break up the band this easily after working so hard to challenge the dominace of “Today” in the morning. We saw what happened to “Today” when they got rid of Ann Curry. The “family” dynamic they had worked so hard on disappeared in one crying couch segment. That same problem could hit GMA.

The one thing that won’t change is the animosity between “Good Morning America” and “Today”. While those two continue to duke it out, “CBS This Morning” flies under the radar. That show continues to chug along like “The Little Engine that Could”.

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