How I Met Your Mother finale: Kids filmed twist ending scene nine years ago

Have you ever wondered why the kids in How I Met Your Mother never seemed to get any older despite ten years of their lives passing by while the series aired? One of the more interesting secrets of the series was revealed after the final episode this Monday as it was revealed that every single scene with the kids — including twist ending — was filmed nine years ago.

Per People Magazine:

We shot this last little section nine years ago,” actress Lyndsy Fonseca tells PEOPLE. “It was so long ago, I don’t really remember what I said.”

Although Fonseca has appeared throughout the series in flash-forwards as the daughter of the titular Mother, all of her scenes were shot during the CBS sitcom’s first season

What makes this so amazing is that a twist ending we’ve been trying to find out about over the last few months was known by the two kids almost a decade ago. For almost ten years these two kids have been walking around with knowledge of the twist but it never once leaked out.

Not everyone was sold on the finale twist, but an unsung aspect of the final episode is the fact that the twi kids knew about the twist and managed to keep it to themselves over the course of the series.

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