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Jimmy Fallon Truck Update: #FingersOnA4x4 Contest

Jimmy Fallon wanted a truck and Jimmy Fallon is going to get a truck, but he’s going to have a little fun doing it. It took a while for Fallon to figure out what truck he was going to get, which is code for that NBC Universal was trying to figure out which car company would give them the most money for this promotion. It turns out that company is Ford.

Together NBC and Ford have come together for the ‘Fingers On a 4×4’ Contest.  Here’s what’s up with that:

Fallon has invited 10 Ford sales associates from across the nation to New York City to compete to be the dealership that he will buy his new truck from.  The Tonight Show has placed a Ford F-150 King Ranch on the U.S.S. Intrepid aircraft carrier that is now based as a museum in NYC. All 10 contestants must keep a hand on the truck and if their hand leaves the truck for any reason, they are out of the contest.

The truck being on the deck of the U.S.S Intrepid adds weather elements to the contest, plus Fallon hinted at some added incentives and disincentives for contestants. Viewers are encouraged to tweet about their favorite car dealer contestant (their profiles can be found here).

You can watch the action live below:

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