Taco Bell's new Ronald McDonald commercial campaign was a stolen idea

You may have seen the new Taco Bell commercial campaign that launched recently that takes a direct shot at McDonalds and their prowess over the fast food breakfast market. While neither one is particularly healthy for you, both Taco Bell and McDonalds have found ways to smash together breakfast items and sell them to you everyday.

The waffle taco is a pretty original idea — albeit one that may not be that appetizing — but the campaign launched to promote the new breakfast line of waffle tacos isn’t as original. As the advertising blog site AdAge points out, the Ronald McDonald campaign for Taco Bell is almost entirely lifted from an ad Jack in the Box ran over a decade ago in 2002.

Here’s the new Taco Bell ad:

And the original Jack in the Box ad from 2002:

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will care about this as anyone who eats a waffle taco for breakfast likely isn’t doing so because they were sold on the ad they saw.

Still, it’s worth noting in that unoriginality isn’t exclusive to the world of Hollywood. While we see franchises and story ideas recycled year after year, the world of advertising has taken a step back as well in that copying old ads isn’t a big deal because no one will remember or realize that you’re doing it.

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