Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker opens up about domestic violence incident (Video)

A few months back, TMZ brought to life a story about Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker being the victim in a domestic violence incident, but since then we hadn’t heard much about it.

That is until Tuesday night when Schmucker opened up about the horrific incident on the Discovery Channel show, an incident that left her with  a fractured face, nose, and multiple broken teeth.

Schmucker, who admittingly lives a ‘double life’ (part Amish, part English) was allegedly beaten up by her English boyfriend after she temporarily left the show because she found out her Amish boyfriend, Lebanon Levi, cheating on her.

Schmucker opened up to Discovery Channel producers about the horrific incident in the below video:

Upset, Schmucker’s former Amish boyfriend and leader of Amish Aid, Lebanon Levi vows ‘revenge’ (alongside her two brothers) though we’ve yet to see what will come of the attack on Esther as that will be saved for Amish Mafia season finale, airing on April 8th at 9PM EST.

As for Schmucker’s real-life attacker, he plead guilty to assault and served more than a month in jail before being released on three years probation.

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