Steve Buscemi to star in unscripted AOL web series called Park Bench

With Boardwalk Empire coming to an end, it appears that star Steve Buscemi has found a new series to fall back on and spend his time making. According to The Wall Street Journal, Buscemi will host an unscripted web series for AOL called Park Bench in which Buscemi talks to random New Yorkers on a park bench and explores this city in what is being called a grand misadventure.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

Through unscripted moments and conversations with average New Yorkers — as well as Steve’s celebrity friends — Buscemi takes viewers on a first-hand misadventure. Discussing everything from pop culture to current events, the show, produced by Olive Productions and RadicalMedia, will convey Steve’s relationship with New York and its array of one-of-a-kind characters — taking viewers beyond mere interviews and involving them in his daily life.

While seemingly similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, this Buscemi series seems to be a blend of a travel show and what Sienfeld has done with his show, albeit with random New Yorkers.

AOL isn’t in the streaming arms race going on at the moment but they are interested in getting in on the aspect of the internet becoming the new television. Park Bench may not be House of Cards, but AOL may be paving the way for other internet giants to get a slice of the streaming pie while it’s hot.

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