Interview with Conceptual Artist for 'Game of Thrones'; Creating White Walkers, Ice Climb, & More

While the world of Game of Thrones feels so real that one could imagine a Sandals resort on Blackwater Bay, in reality it takes a village of people to get the story on the screen. George R. R. Martin created such a dense world in his Fire & Ice books that each episode presents unique challenges to the producers. One integral part of the team is the Conceptual Artist. Before a stitch of costumes can be sewn or new props can be made William Simpson has to draw them out of thin air. Simpson’s sketches are the spark that ignites the rest of the scene.

Simpson sat down with O2 International Sim for a discussion of his work on the show, which includes the creation of the White Walkers. Before they terrified the men of the night’s watch, White Walkers lived in the illustrations of Simpson. In the video he also discusses working on the Ice Climb scene, and the Gollum like existence of a conceptual artist.

William Simpson, conceptual and storyboard artist on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones returns to HBO April 6th

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