'The Millionaire Matchmaker' Rachel Uchitel Season 7 Episode 16: Preview

Patti Stanger normally has her hands full on The Millionaire Matchmaker, but tonight’s all new episode might be mission impossible. Patti is tasked this week to find love for the legendary Rachel Uchitel. Bravo describes Rachel as a “former VIP celebrity club hostess”, but you might know her better from being Tiger Wood’s alleged “friend”.  Shockingly the scandal that vaulted Rachel to tabloid fame hasn’t helped out her love life.

While Patti looks for men willing to date Rachel Uchitel, she’ll also bring back a repeat Millionaire for another attempt at love. Steve Lobel was on the show previously, and he came off as a nice guy in his first go around. The worst thing you can say about Steve is that he looks like a full size version of Verne Troyer. Here’s the long Bravo description for tonight’s episode, titled Return of the Rough Teddy Bear and the Shredder.

Returning client Steve Lobel is a forty-eight-year-old music and entertainment manager who lives in Granada Hills, CA. Steve met with Patti back in 2012, and Patti dealt with softening Steve’s tough exterior to show the teddy bear he really was. His first match didn’t work out, but Steve is ready to give love another shot. Can Patti hone Steve’s dating skills so that he can woo the woman of his dreams? Patti’s second millionaire is thirty-eight-year-old mother of one Rachel Uchitel. Rachel is a former VIP celebrity club hostess who has had no success in love. Rachel lost her fiancé tragically and is ready to find love once again. Patti knows Rachel personally and says her Alpha energy causes her to shred through men looking for her soul mate. Will Patti get Rachel to stop being aggressive long enough to let one guy in?

In this preview for tonight’s episode Rachel Uchitel tries to convince Patti, viewers, and herself that she’s ready to settle down. Patti responds by nicknaming her the Shredder. How kind of her.

Date: Thursday, April 3rd
Episode Title: Return of the Rough Teddy Bear and the Shredder
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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