Real-Life Game of Thrones Castles Available for Rent

It’s tougher than ever to live large in the world of Game of Thrones. The White Walkers are getting ever closer to the Wall, and that is driving down property values around the kingdom. Plus, there’s always a chance that a well put together castle could become a prime target for an attack. Winterfell might have been a gorgeous piece of property, but now it is just a long insurance claim battle. The Starks had Fire insurance, but not Castle Sacking insurance.

It might be easier to find your own Game of Thrones stronghold here on earth. Less chance of White Walkers here unless you live South Florida during the snow bird season.

Lucky for those of us in search of fabulous Game of Thrones properties has found five different homes perfect for the Westeros inclined renter. People has found a home for everyone from the Lannisters to the Greyjoys. My personal favorite choice was the Château de Challain as stand in for the home of the Tyrells of Highgarden.

While made some great choices, they avoided finding a suitable home for Daenerys Targaryen, the Queen of Dragons. Obviously she would need a large home with an allowance for pets. Bonus points for a three car garage to house the dragons. Also what would the studio apartment of Jon Snow and Ygritte look like? Entertain those thoughts and more as you enjoy’s list of real life Game of Thrones available for rent.

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