'Suits' Season 3 Episode 15 'Know When to Fold 'Em': Preview


It was only a matter of time before Mike Ross hit his limited glass ceiling as a lawyer. Pretending to be a graduate of Harvard Law School can only get one so far, even if you are as talented as Mike. The past few episodes of USA’s Suits presented a Mike ready for a change in his life. He finally agreed to move in with longtime girlfriend Rachel at the start of the season. Now Mike will have to decide if he is ready for even more change.

Last week’s episode ended with him receiving an offer to become an investment banker. It would be a job where advancement wouldn’t be hindered by his law school lies. While this job offer is very intriguing for Mike, it would be a shock if he were to accept it. Suits is nothing with the relationship of Harvey and Mike. They are the Batman and Robin of the corporate legal world. A more likely outcome is Harvey figures out a way to clear up Mike’s law school lie.

The promo for tonight’s episode is all about the choice Mike will have to make. Will Harvey let him go? Check out the clip below.

Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s episode, titled Know When to Fold ‘Em, from USA.

An attorney goes after one of Harvey’s biggest clients; Mike must make a decision; a former partner has an ax to grind.

Date: Thursday, April 3rd
Episode Title: Know When to Fold ‘Em
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: USA
Online Stream: USANetworks.com

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