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Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin Talk on The Tonight Show

Remember Sarah Palin? Well, she’s back and talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin… Sort of.

The gang at The Tonight Show got ‘footage’ of ‘Putin’ talking to the former Alaskian governor. That’s great on the surface, but the political figures ‘duet’ with Palin ‘playing’ the flute.

Palin, best known as being John McCain’s running mate during his 2008 campaign for the US Presidency, predicted in 2008 that Putin would eventually invade Ukraine. We all laughed at Palin, but it’s just surprising that Tina Fey hasn’t been on SNL recently to recapture the glory that SNL always finds during election years.

Anyway, here’s the phone call between Jimmy Fallon Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin. Make sure to check out Palin’s belt buckle, it’s glorious.

Palin is back on TV in a regular spot, too. She has a show entitled ‘Amazing America’ which will premiere on April 3 on the Sportsman Channel.

The rest of Tonight on Wednesday included Dennis Leary talking about the his trip to the White House with the Boston Red Sox, his new movie Draft Day and begging Fallon to let him sing on the show sometime, preferably with Bruce Springsteen.

Cat Deeley, the host of So You Think You Can Dance?, also was on the show. Nickel Creek performed.

Fallon also announced the winner of his #FingersOnA4x4 contest.

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