Game of Thrones: Jack Gleeson says meanest thing he did was ruin Harry Potter book

Currently, Game of Thrones is among the most watched shows on television and one of the most popular characters on the show is King Joffrey as played by Jack Gleeson.

We’ve already heard that Gleeson is a ‘one and done‘ actor as he’s stated more than once that he’s not interested in continuing his acting career once Game of Thrones comes to an end.

It’s certainly a little shocking given his talent and the fact GoT has launched his career, but the actor (who doesn’t give many interviews) reiterate his desire to step away from the business once GoT does eventually come to an end.

The actor also talked a little about his personal life and was questioned about the meanest things he’s ever done.

So how awful was it? Well, it wasn’t that bad – unless you were his little sister – who had the plot of her Harry Potter book ruined by Gleeson.

What’s the meanest thing you’ve done in real life?
Gleeson: Um, I read my sister’s diary when I was 7. She was, I think, 13. It was awful to read it … I also ruined the end of one of the Harry Potter books for the same sister. I said Sirius dies when she was halfway through.

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