Jennifer Lopez outbids Puff Daddy in attempt to acquire Fuse TV

What we once knew as ‘musical’ channels are now but extinct. Well, most of them.

One such channel that continues to play music videos (at least sometimes) is that of Fuse TV, a network that recently went up for auction and saw two high-profile celebrities attempting to bid on it.

Those two celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy (who recently changed his name again from P. Diddy) just so happened to date in the early 2000’s and their paths crossed again as the two attempted to purchase ownership of the network.

So who came out on top? Looks like Miss Lopez will walk away as the owner as according to The Hollywood Reporter, her group from NuvoTV was able to outbid Puffy’s.

Sources familiar with the situation say NuvoTV, where Lopez serves as chief creative officer and owns a minority stake, has eclipsed Puffy’s attempt to acquire the cable music channel.

It’s not known what Lopez and NuvoTV plan to do with the network, unlike Puffy who allegedly was going to continue the ‘music’ aspect of Fuse (but with more of a hip-hop flair, understandably).

Looks like Puff Daddy will have to be satisfied with owning Revolt TV, though that network doesn’t come close to the household figures Fuse owns – reportedly over 74 million.

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