Mad Men creator applauds True Detective's 'surprising' submission as Best Drama Series


One of the best and most talked about series of the winter season has been HBO’s True Detective which took our expectations and shoved them down our throats. The unrelenting and unpredictable series was not only full of intense and gritty drama, but it proved to be some of the best and most compelling writing and acting we’ve seen in a drama this year.

That’s why it came as no surprise that the show garnered Emmy talk, but it did come as a bit of a surprise to hear the series will be competing as a Best Drama Series even though it’s technically a miniseries. Mad Men series creator Matt Weiner noted his surprise to Deadline but also seemed to applaud the decision.

Per Deadline:

“I was surprised they did it but I bet that everyone who is in that Drama category said ‘oh shit’,” he told Deadline‘s Pete Hammond. “That makes me think HBO did the right thing.”

Should they have entered in Best Miniseries or TV Movie, True Detective would have been a lock to win. But by entering as a Best Drama, the series will be going toe-to-toe with the final season of Breaking Bad, the second season of House of Cards and quite possibly both Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

So while it was surprising to those in the industry to hear of the decision to compete as best Drama, there’s now an element of pride to be associated with this year’s class of nominees.

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