Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Character Power Rankings

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It is a shame that there isn’t a Game of Thrones preseason. It could draw from the NFL model and be Game of Thrones going through the motions for four weeks. Give viewers a chance to shift their brains back into tracking 20+ characters per week. In the Game of Thrones preseason the Dragons wouldn’t even touch the field, but we’d all get a running start on the plots.

The show just dumps us into the deep end of the pool from the first moments of a new season. It’s the only show on TV right now that need an excel sheet to keep track of the story developments. The deep character roster on the show has become a selling point by season 4. It allows every type of viewer a favorite character. A show with a list of characters this deep cries out for competition.

Take a look at the Game of Thrones Power Rankings headed into the season 4 premiere.

On the Bubble

Ramsey Snow – The bastard son of Roose Bolton made his name last season by torturing Theon Greyjoy. Viewers tend to remember when you cut off another character’s penis, and send it a box to the guy’s father. His power increases because his Dad is now in charge of the North. I shudder to think of him topping last season’s crazy antics, but don’t count him out.

Ygritte – She put three arrows into Jon Snow, but that won’t play well back at the Wildings main camp. Jon totally Catfished her on his loyalty to the Night’s Watch.

Sansa – Sansa rises in power from the deaths of her brother and mom, but not that far. She’s still not emotionally capable of much. Right now most of her energy goes into avoiding Tyrion in the bedroom.

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