'Glee' Season 5: FOX cuts episode order from 22 to 20

For the past few years, Glee has been one of the most highly ranked shows on the FOX network but recent ratings slips have forced the network to cut by their order for Season 5.

According to E! Online, FOX will only order 20 episodes of the show for the upcoming season, down two from the normal 22 episode order.

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and the rest of our musically inclined characters will continue to sing and dance their hearts out on Glee—but their season has been short. The hit musical comedy will finish out its fifth year on the air with a total of 20 episodes, as opposed to the traditional order of 22 that the series has produced for the past four seasons.

Dropping two episodes isn’t a huge deal in most cases considering how many FOX typically broadcasts, but it’s clear that Glee is losing the steam it once had.

Why exactly that’s happening? Tough call. The show understandably took a big hit after one of the main characters, Fin Hudson (played by Cory Monteith) passed away in a real-life drug overdose. It’s also tough to keep interchanging cast members in a ‘high school scenario’ as they inevitably graduate.

So while I don’t think we’re seeing the beginning of the end for the Glee franchise, it’s certainly time to be concerned if you’re a fan of the show.

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