Stephen Colbert CBS' top choice to replace David Letterman on Late Show?

While rumors have suggested that Craig Ferguson holds a ‘first right of refusal‘ in terms of taking over the Late Show from David Letterman, Mashable is reporting Stephen Colbert of  Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report is the network’s top choice to replace the veteran late night host.

Stephen Colbert is CBS’ top choice to replace the retiring David Letterman, and has indicated that he’s willing to take over the Late Show when the time comes, people familiar with both sides of the discussions tell Mashable.

According to Mashable, Colbert has not held any formal contractual discussions with CBS in regards to the position but the two sides have spoken about the potential role.

Colbert’s contract with Comedy Central reportedly runs through 2014 which would allow an easy transition when Letterman calls it quits in 2015 (Letterman has yet to give an official date).

Finding Letterman’s replacement is still a rather fluid situation and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more names added into the mix outside of Colbert (say like Jon Stewart who has reportedly been contacted), but he does make some sense.

Would you be a fan of Colbert taking over for Letterman? Or would you prefer he stay at Comedy Central?

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