Preview of Games of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Two Swords

It’s been nine months and 28 days since the season 3 finale of Game of Thrones. For 301 days we’ve been left stewing over the shocking actions of the Red Wedding. Losing three and a half Starks that way was a nightmare moment. Viewers are clamoring for revenge tonight, but there’s still not a lot of information about tonight’s season premiere. However We can infer the Game of Throne direction from looking at the combination of promo and synopsis.

Take a look at the promo for tonight’s premiere to get a reminder of where all the characters are on the chess board.

Now here’s the synopsis of tonight’s premiere.
Tyrion welcomes a guest; Jon Snow is not welcome at Castle Black; Dany is directed to the mother of all slave cities; Arya encounters an old friend.
If we put it all together then tonight’s Game of Thrones, titled Two Swords, looks to feature these moments. Tyrion appears to welcome Oberyn Martell, a new Game of Thrones character whose nickname is the Red Viper, to King’s Landing. In the promo he claims that the “Lannister’s aren’t the only family that pays it’s debts”. That’s going to be an interesting addition to the capital city.
Jon Snow will have to prove to Castle Black that he’s not really gone over to the Wildings. With Lord Mormont dead that won’t be an easy to convince group. Dany being directed to a super slave city means Dragons a-go-go. Perfect material for fans to discuss on Twitter. If the old friend Arya encounters is the assassin from Harrenhall then anyone could die in tonight’s premiere.
Check in tomorrow for full coverage of the premiere.

Date: Sunday, April 6th
Episode Title: Two Swords
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: For previews of the show, and the latest episodes check out HBO GO.

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