SNL: Anna Kendrick, Taran Killam do spastic French dance (GIF)

Credit: SNL

Credit: SNL

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live was one of the more forgettable we’ve seen in a while as the sketches fell flat and things just got randomly confusing and convoluted at times. For a perfect example of this, look no further than the sketch that involved Taran Killam and Anna Kendrick spoofing on French dancing styles — or something.

While it was clear what was trying to be accomplished, the bit never really went anywhere and it ended up being one of the most confusing and unfunny things we’ve seen in a while on SNL. It’s not that the sketch was particularly bad, but the laughs it got were generous and were more out of people looking for something to laugh at than actually finding something worth giving a chuckle.

That’s pretty much how the night went though as the funny sketches weren’t funny and the quirky sketches like this were more confusing than they should have been. Maybe it was the writing or maybe the acting — or maybe it was just a bad sketch idea — but something didn’t work here and it was the sad and poor story of Anna Kendrick’s night as host on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

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