Veep Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Preview & Live Stream Info

Season two of HBO’s political comedy Veep transformed the show into must see TV. No longer is Larry David the king of awkward interactions. Now Selina Meyer reigns as the Queen of uncomfortable. Julia Louis Dreyfus has lightening in the bottle when it comes to VP Meyer. This season the stakes for Meyer are raised as she starts a run for the Presidency. This gives her even more poorly planned receptions to attend.

The 3rd season premiere episode takes place on a campaign trip to Iowa. Selina is in town to sign copies of her new book. Of course in classic Veep style the book was totally written by a ghost writer for the VP. Now she has to move around that land mine of knowing zero of what’s in her own book. Could we see a return of  the “Meyer the Liar” nickname?

There’s also a rumor that White House jerk Jonah might be experiencing a shift in job titles. Will he still be the same if he doesn’t have the White House power behind him? One of the best parts of season 2 was Jonah discussing the President’s dog as “FDOTUS” (First Dog of the United States).

Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s all new episode from HBO.

Selina courts voters at a book signing in Iowa; Selina and her staff hear a rumor that could impact the next election.

Date: Sunday, April 6th
Episode Title: Season 3 Premiere of Veep
Start Time: 10:30 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: For previews of the show, and the latest episodes check out HBO GO.

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