Netflix trolls Game of Thrones with House of Cards promo (Photo)

Credit: Netflix

Credit: Netflix

There’s a healthy rivalry between HBO and Netflix going on at the moment at it’s much to the benefit of fans that enjoy great quality television. While the two will never be BFFs who go to the beach together and hit up the spa on their off days, both have been going at it for a few years now and both have flagship shows that help them stand out as leading television networks.

For Netflix, House of Cards has revolutionized the way we can watch an award winning series, as it’s not on traditional television. As for HBO, they helped pave the way for something like House of Cards with their gritty fantasy hit Game of Thrones and the two have been going at it ever since.

With the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones last night, Netflix decided to get in some friendly ribbing, tweeting out a photo that both took a shot at Game of Thrones and reminded us of the rivalry going on.

It’s always good to see that the two sides are on good terms, albeit fiercely competitive terms. They may never be able to be separated but they’re forever forged together as leading members of the current class of quality television that is saturating this golden era of the small screen.

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