The Simpsons honor David Letterman (Video)

In the past few days we’ve seen President Obama honor David Letterman. We’ve seen fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon do the same. But on Sunday night, a new tribute to the long time Late Show host was unveiled – in animated form.

The Simpsons most recent episode opened with Homer and his family dealing with ugly New York traffic, en route to the famed Ed Sullivan theater.

As the animated Letterman waited for his late arriving guests, Homer, Bart and the rest of the Simpsons family made their way to the stage and onto Letterman’s famed couch.

Completely underwhelmed, a snarky Letterman ponders why they ‘flew them in’ and cues Paul and the band who then begin playing The Simpsons famed intro before a ‘We’ll miss you Dave’ message appeared on the screen.

If this all seems familiar, that’s likely because it is. The animated portion of the ‘tribute’ appeared in a former episode, though this time the message to Dave was added at the end.

It certainly isn’t going to the last in-program tribute we’ll see for Letterman as he calls it a career, but it might be one of the best – dated or not.

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