Christina Hendricks of 'Mad Men' talks about 'Game of Thrones' rumors

Might we see Mad Men star Christina Hendricks staring in HBO’s Game of Thrones? She’s certainly fit the bill and rumors began to swirl after Hendricks herself suggested herself for a role in the show, but unfortunately it appears to be nothing but a pipe dream.

Hendricks told Conan O’Brien on Conan Monday night how the rumors of her perceived interest in Game of Thrones came to light and how an innocent comment she made about the show began to spiral out of control on the internet.

“One day someone asked what would be fun [to star in], and I was thinking about all those pelts and horns, wolves and horses. So I said, ‘Game of Thrones.’ I thought it would be fun to get into that whole time period and crazy costumes. The next thing you know…. I’d be thrilled, I would be so lucky. But I’ve not seen it yet. It was one of those quick answers.”

The sound you just heard was millions on the internet unleashing a collective sigh.

You can watch Hendricks talk about the rumors below:

Maybe one day. At least the seed is planted.

At least you can still watch Hendricks on Mad Men this Sunday.

Date: Sunday, April 13
Start Time: 9pm ET
Episode: “Time Zones”
TV Channel: AMC
Live Stream: iTunes, VOD,

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