Game of Thrones renewed for two more seasons by HBO


While it may come as zero surprise to anyone who is a fan of the show — or privy to popular trends — HBO has renewed their series Game of Thrones for two more seasons, extending the show’s run through 2016.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for two additional seasons, taking the fantasy drama into its sixth cycle.

The series has been a ratings hit ever since it debuted on HBO four seasons ago and the ratings have been going up ever since then. Emmy award nominations have poured in, critical acclaim has blanketed the series’ run and fans have begun to adore the show more and more with each passing episode.

It’s a hit both on HBO and on the television black market, as Game of Thrones has become a hit on the piracy scene and is the most pirated show on television at the moment.

But while the show’s past popularity is notable, it is only growing as the weeks go by. The fourth season premiere was the most watched episode in the show’s history and that’s a market hat will likely be topped. Even if it doesn’t happen, there are two more seasons for the mark to be met.

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