One Shining Moment 2014 from CBS (Video)

Last night the University of Connecticut capped off its improbable run through the NCAA Tournament by defeating the University of Kentucky 60-54 for the 2014 National Championship. The win by Connecticut was a victory for veteran teams. There’s already a large movement to cater to the one and done players, led largely  by Kentucky, and the UConn win was a statement for old school team building. Kentucky’s team was loaded with NBA ready stars, while UConn’s leaders were classic college guards.

The 2014 Tournament wasn’t at a loss for drama. That’s great news for CBS in both ratings and content. While we all love action filled games, what we really crave is the annual One Shining Moment video. The post-game music video is a staple of College Basketball, and champions the emotions of the game. The song’s most famous recording was done by R&B legend Luther Vandross. The 2014 One Shining Moment features the heartbreaking losses of Wichita State and the last minute Kentucky wins.

College Basketball isn’t perfect as an organization, but in the eyes of One Shining Moment the game is the perfect vehicle for the emotions of these young players.

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