Amish Mafia season 3 finale: Is the show over?

While most likely had an idea of what was going to take place on the season three finale of Amish Mafia, few likely expected what actually unfolded.

Tired of the English lifestyle influencing their traditional ways, the cast went on a rampage which eventually lead to their request that the cameras be turned off for good. It seemed as if cooler heads would prevail, but an alleged cease and desist order was sent to the Discovery Channel offices, resulting in the network to suggest the show was over.

Of course, the wildly popular (and rather scripted) show isn’t going to go by the wayside that easy as the network suggested last week that Amish Mafia (among other shows) had been renewed for additional seasons.

So to answer the question – is Amish Mafia done? Well, the simple answer is no – we’re going to have a fourth season of the hit show. But the question remains on if the same cast will return or if we’ll see a new collection.

That we don’t know. It’s hard to believe the cast would be open to turning down the lucrative checks they receive, but stranger things have happened. What we do know though is there will be at least one more season.

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