Q&A with Michael Mosley, Star of USA's new comedy series Sirens

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Actor Michael Mosley brings the laughs every Thursday as Johnny Farrell on USA’s new hit comedy Sirens. The show follows a rough and tumble group of Chicago EMT’s whose personal lives are as colorful as their jobs. Johnny is the sarcastic leader of the team with a complicated love life. He works with Hank, his longtime friend and Brian the clueless rookie. Fans will also remember Michael from his role as Sean Moretti, Vic’s husband, on A&E’s Longmire.

We spoke with Michael about mastering the lingo of an EMT, the ball busting atmosphere on set, and the hall of fame athlete he’d love to portray.

1. “Sirens” mines the life of Chicago EMTs for a wonderful mix of sharp comedy pulled from the real world challenges of the job. What’s been harder to master? The fast paced dialogue that is a trademark of Executive Producer’s Denis Leary & Bob Fisher or the vocabulary of an EMT?

Both have been equally challenging and rewarding.  The thing about good dialogue is that’s it’s easier to remember and spit out.  It’s the bad stuff that’s hard to keep in your noodle.  Bob and Denis’s dialogue is good, and funny, and it always makes sense to the character and his or her motivations with in the scene.  And it’s funny.  AND they let us improve a bit.  In a lot of the shots there will be 2 or 3 of us in a frame at a time.  When that’s the case we get to talk over each other and cut each other off and riff a bit more because you can edit that.  You can’t do that as much when it’s single coverage.

And as far as EMT verbiage goes we have a couple EMT/Technical advisors on set whose ears perk up if they hear something that doesn’t sound accurate.

2. The ball busting on “Sirens” is top notch. Does that back and forth continue behind the scenes?

I love those dudes.  We’ve been working on this thing for a couple years now between shooting the pilot and the series, and now finally airing.  We’ve had a lot of time to get to know each other and learn each other’s rhythms.  And we hang out a lot off of set.  If we weren’t needling each other it would mean some one wasn’t feeling well.


3. With roles on “Scrubs” and now “Sirens” have you ever been approached by fans with medical questions?

Not really.  If anyone approached me with a medical question I would advise them to see a psychiatrist because I am an actor who has learned how to recite medical jargon and hit a mark.


4. The relationship between Johnny and Theresa is one of the best parts of “Sirens”. There’s a real “Ross and Rachel” dynamic going on between you both. Do you think those two will ever really settle down together?

Sure, maybe, I don’t know!  I think the nature of these things is like, “Guy gets girl, Guy loses girl, Guy gets girl back, etc…”  But, Bob and Denis keep future story lines pretty close to the vest.  As they should.  All I know is I love working with Jess.  She’s gorgeous and hysterical and can cuss like a sailor.  We have a lot of fun together.


5. Kevin Daniels, who stars as Johnny’s best friend Hank on the show, played the role of Magic Johnson on Broadway. What Hall of Fame athlete could you convincingly portray?

Mary Lou Retton.


6. On “Longmire” you’re the husband of Vic Moretti, played by the great Katee Sackoff. For all of the fan boys out there, what’s it like to be married to “Starbuck”?

Katee is the best.  We also laugh a lot on set.  A lot of people don’t remember but I kinda played her boyfriend 11 years ago on a short lived show called The Education of Max Bickford.  I only did 3 episodes and it was my first ever TV gig so I was nervous as all hell.  Katee was calm and cracking jokes and made me feel relaxed.  She’s awesome.

7. What TV shows influenced you the most as an actor?

I loved Cheers, and The Cosby show.  And I loved watching the old shows on Nick at Night.  Like the Danny Thomas Show and the Patty Duke show.  And I loved watching Honeymooners episodes with my dad.


8. Bonus Question: The final “Sirens” episode of the season is titled “Shotgun Wedding”. Anything you want to tell us?

You’ll have to wait and see.

Catch new episodes of Sirens Thursday at 10pm on USA.

Follow Michael on Twitter for more info on Sirens and other projects. @MikeGeneMose on Twitter.

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