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For many viewers MTV’s The Challenge could be considered the fourth biggest sport in America after the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The show is consistently enjoyable, even in its 25th season of competition and hook ups. As usual this season draws from our favorite Real World celebs, but there’s a new twist this season for Johnny Bananas and the rest of the group. Unlike other season that revolve around teams, this season is labeled The Challenge: Free Agents. Everyone is on their own this season.

Weaker players can’t hide behind strong leaders, and teams can’t purge rookies from their rosters so easily now. Here the trailer for the new season which takes place in beautiful South America.

Let’s look at a summary of the competitors to see which cast members have the best shot of being around at the end of the show.

CT — Real World: Paris (2003)
Swift — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Dustin — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Johnny Bananas — The Real World: Key West (2006)
Leroy — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
Frank — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Isaac — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Zach — The Real World: San Diego (2011)
Cohutta — The Real World: Sydney (2007)
Johnny — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Jordan — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Chet — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Preston — The Real World: New Orleans (2010)
Brandon — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)

Jemmye — The Real Wold: New Orleans (2010)
Laurel — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Devyn — The Real World: Brooklyn (2009)
Cara Maria — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Nia — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Nany — The Real World: Las Vegas (2011)
LaToya — The Real World: St. Thomas (2012)
Emilee — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Jessica — The Real World: Portland (2013)
Aneesa — The Real World: Chicago (2002)
Camila — Spring Break Challenge (2010)
Jasmine — The Real World: Cancun (2009)
Theresa — The Challenge: Fresh Meat II (2010)
Jonna — The Real World: Cancun (2009)

My money is on CT and Laurel being the grand prize winners of The Challenge: Free Agents.

Date: Thursday, April 10th
Episode Title: The Challenge: Free Agents
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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