First 'Girl Meets World' trailer premieres (Video)

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you’re at least mildly aware of the sitcom Boy Meets World, and the worlds of the 90s generation and this current one are about to collide in a very strange yet nostalgic way. We all knew that the Boy Meets World spinoff series Girl Meets World was coming to Disney Channel and we’ve now been given our first look at the series.

Check out the brief yet nostalgic trailer below:

It’s not as though the series was going to be the return that everyone dropped everything to see but it’s still notable to those who grew up with the original series. But those who few up with the ABC Friday night sitcom may be a little put off by the cheesy Disney Channel shine that has been put on Girl Meets World.

Every show n Disney Channel looks as though it was shot with a lens made with definition a little too high for what it’s shooting and everything always seems like its an ad out of a kids magazine. Seeing the grungy way boy Meets World looks like in reruns versus this very polished version of the spinoff may be of putting to many of the original fans.

Still, Corey and Topanga are back — with children and apparently the same exact house — and the series will be worth at least a minor look to see if it’s a throwback to the surprisingly well written original series or if it’s the next bubblegum show Disney wants to put out.

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