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FXX to air 12-day non-stop The Simpsons marathon

When FXX announced a few months ago that it would be not only acquiring the complete rights to air every single episode of The Simpsons but that the entire series would be available for live stream, fans were obviously excited. But this isn’t being treated as just another rights acquisition by FXX as they’re rolling out the red carpet for the major premiere of The Simpsons.

According to Variety, the launch of the new Simpsons streaming app will be accompanied by 12 days of 24/7 The Simpsons action on the network. That means that every single episode, from the very first episode in season one to the 552nd episode, will air as part of a 12-fay Simpsons marathon.

Per Variety:

Cowabunga! To launch the first run of veteran animated series “The Simpsons” on cable in August, FXX intends to start things with a bang: A 12-day marathon of the series’ 552-episode run.

“It will be the longest continuous marathon in the history of television,” said Jon Landgraf, chief executive of FX Networks, at an upfront presentation held Wednesday in New York.

It’s truly an unprecedented marathon but it’s fitting for the series and it’s importance. Plus, fans of the show will only be interested in the first few days of the marathon as the second episodes from 2004 and beyond start to air, televisions will likely change channels.

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